If you want something done and don’t see it listed, it doesn’t mean we are not capable…send us a note and we will make it happen!

Our Standard Of Professionalism

Concierge Specialist

Personal Errand Services
Prescription Collection, On Island, Boat or Airplane Deliveries, etc.
Vacation Planning & Reservations
Car Vouchers, Discounted Hotel Bookings, Tour Reservations, Travel Insurance
Personal Reservations
Medical Appointments, Lunch or Dinner Reservations, etc.
Personal Shopper
Grocery, Gifts, Household items
Personal Payments
Utilities, Medical, Bank Deposits, Credit Card Payments, etc.
School & College Services
Project Typing, Notes Typing, College Papers Typing, Resume Typing, etc.
Airport & Boat Pick Ups and Drop Off
In-Person or Packages
Government Application Submissions
Immigration, Passport, Employment, Visa Applications, etc.

Virtual Assistant Services

Administrative Services
Office Organization, Typing of Letters and Documents, Shredding, Scanning, Invoicing, etc.
Off Site Administrator
Social Media Marketing & Maintenance
Errand Services
Envelope & Package Deliveries, etc.
Data Entry
Calendar Management
Event Planning & Management
Organizing Conferences, Trade Shows, Expos, etc.

Speeches, Articles, Presentations,Web Copy etc.
Small Business Services
Office Organization, Invoicing, Collections, etc.
Business Travel Planning & Reservations
Business Reservations
Lunch or Dinner Reservations, etc.
Bill Payments
NIB, Utilities, Wholesale Companies, etc.
Business Shopping
Grocery, Stationary, etc.
Property Management
Business or Personal - Monthly Rentals, Air B&B.
Government Application Submissions
Immigration, Business Licence, etc.

Our services are not limited to clients of New Providence or the Islands of The Bahamas but we service clients globally. We are in the business of getting the job done efficiently and professionally for our clients.

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